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David is one of the owners at ultraTrapeze, and he coaches both flying trapeze and double trapeze.  Trained at Club Med over 20 years ago, he has coached flying trapeze in the Bahamas, Cuba, Turks & Caicos and Mexico before settling down in Toronto.  Over the years David has had the pleasure of working with high-flying professional artists such as Tito Gaona and Randy Hobbs.  He brings a calm and reassuring demeanour that inspires the confidence in students they need to push past their fears and perform at a higher level.


Tim is one of the owners at ultraTrapeze and he coaches and catches for flying trapeze classes.  Tim has been flying and coaching for over 25 years and was hooked from his very first catch.  He was trained at Club Med for whom he coached in Ixtapa and Punta Cana, and has helped design and maintain flying trapeze rigs in multiple locations over the years.  Tim brings an energy and a passion that our students love and which helps them consistently reach outside their comfort zone.



Bill coaches and catches for our flying trapeze classes.  He is a two time Canadian Men's Synchronized Trampoline Champion, Canadian National Trampoline Team coach and has 20+ years of coaching experience in various disciplines including gymnastics, diving, and and flying trapeze.  Bill is an accomplished flying trapeze artist and instructor and has a passion for bringing the joy of flying trapeze to the public.


Carole is one of the owners at ultraTrapeze and mostly helps out on the business and marketing side, but also helps work the board for flying trapeze from time to time.  She started flying in 2013 and quickly caught the bug.  She now flies as often as possible, so you might get lucky and end up in a class flying with her!

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Ariana coaches our advanced silks class.  A former competitive rhythmic gymnast and dancer, she is the epitome of elegance and grace, a style that she carries through to her aerial skill.  She has performed as an artist all over North America she is a trained National School of Circus Arts instructor as well as a certified personal trainer. She endeavours to teach her students to strive for excellence while becoming safe, independent, and smart performers


Katherine teaches our beginner silks class and also works the board and pulls lines for flying trapeze.  Coming to us from the world of trampoline, she took her first silks class in 2013 and has been hooked on circus ever since.  As a former dancer, her aerial awareness has allowed her to quickly progress to an elite level of skill and performance.  She brings a love of coaching, and simply loves to  introduce others to the joys of flying trapeze and the circus arts.

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Libby is our most versatile coach and coaches flying trapeze, catches, coaches double trapeze, and sometimes fills in on silks.  She discovered circus arts at an early age right here in Toronto and pursued it ever since. Her aerial adventures have taken her as far as the Dominican Republic, Bali and Mauritius but now she's right at home in the air performing or coaching. Libby loves to laugh, explore and create new pathways on every aerial apparatus she can get her hands on and hopes to share that passion with each student.

Duane & Andy

Andy studied at he National Institution of Circus Arts in Melbourne and has been performing for over 15 years in Icarian games, hand to hand, duo trapeze, solo trapeze, teeterboard, skyladder, and handbalancing.

Duane tried circus for the first time 9 years ago on his first date with Andy (his now wife) and he fell in love with both her and the circus. He has since performed in Icarian games, hand to hand, juggling, and teeterboard.

Duane & Andy teach teeterboard together and both  love seeing people achieve what they once thought was impossible.

Duane & Andy